The Latino Professionals Association of Greater Madison (LPA) engaged its members and community throughout two years to perform an in-depth analysis to understand our members' experiences in the workplace and develop a framework to guide industries, institutions, and policymakers in fostering the growth of our workforce.

As we reviewed the results of our survey, three specific themes emerged:

Recently, we invited our members to participate in a series of discussions about these themes to gain a greater understanding of what has worked for them and what ideas they may have to improve the Latinx experience in the workplace. With special acknowledgement of the devastating impacts of COVID-19, we have amalgamated our findings to publish vital recommendations and strategies that will advance the Latinx workforce now and in the future to come.

We call on the industry, policymakers, and, most notably, our capable and resourceful community to rally behind a collective plan that secures long-term economic recovery and mobility for Latinx and Wisconsin. We offer our report as a starting ground and encourage everyone to download, "Investing in Latinx Talent: Leading Advancement of the Latinx Labor Force."


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